Rune Sets

Rune Set w/pouchRunes are sets of stones with etched symbols often cast for divination purposes.  They are Scandinavian in origin and have been around for centuries, dating back to as far as 150 AD.  The symbols were an original form of alphabet used before the Roman alphabet took hold in Europe.  Each symbol was made of straight lines, making them easier to carve into stone.

Over time, this meanings of the letters evolved into a deeper esoteric symbolism.  Casting runes can help you see situations from a more well-rounded perspective with their messages.  Interpretations are not difficult and with practice, Runes can be much easier to read and understand than Tarot and other forms of divination.

Runes are developed with a variety of materials, from wood to semi-precious stone.  These materials infuse their magical properties to the symbols as well and can enhance readings and the readers connection to his rune stones.

For example, some stones are made of clear quartz, which helps to cleanse and harmonize mental, emotional and spiritual energies.  This allows the user to let go of mental and emotional “clutter” and more easily tap into the intuition and subconscious, where our deeper answers and true creative problem solving abilities lie.

 Rune sets should be stored in a black (or dark) velvet pouch or bag to prevent contamination by outside energies and protect them from scuffing and scratching.  Most sets will come with some type of literature that explains the symbols, but you can also find detailed explanations online and in various books and other materials.

As you cast your stones, you should clear your mind and focus only on the area of concern.  You can draw one from the bag or cast several.  When you are just getting started, one stone at a time is a great way to learn their meanings and integrate them into your consciousness.

Rune sets are a great way to do personal work, whether you use them for spiritual guidance or simply some creative inspiration.  Drawing the stones evokes a sense of history and the beautiful materials they are made from can help you connect with your spirit and the Earth.

Purchase a set that speaks to you and be patient as you learn to work with them.  You’ll find they are extremely durable and will be a treasured tool you’ll want to keep for a lifetime.

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How to Use a Healing Wand

Healing wandHealing wands are used to draw in and direct healing energies to specific areas of the body.  They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are made from various healing stones and crystals.  Some wands are pointed at one end and rounded at the other; while others may feature points at both ends. They can be smooth or faceted, and most often have a polished finish.

The long cylinder of the wand is used to draw energy in and direct it in a straight line.  The point guides  the gathered energy into a specific location.  Wands can be used for overall healing and cleansing of the aura, or targeted specifically to a particular Chakra (energy center), meridian point, or part of the body.

Many healers use their wands to intuitively scan the entire energy body,  feeling for lulls and blockages in the auric field.  If a problem is identified, the wands point is used to direct healing energy to the specific location.  Many times the wand never physically touches the body; other times, the points may be touched to pressure points to heal specific ailments.

Pressure points, or meridian points, are used in acupressure and acupuncture.  The different meridians correspond with different body parts and are activated with needles or pressure to promote the body’s natural healing responses.  Wands can also be used in similar fashion.  Charts that show the meridians and their correlations are easy to find online.  A specific ailment can be treated by finding the correct meridian point and touching the wand point to it.

Wands get their strength not only from the material they are made from, but from the intention of their handler. Programming a wand requires strong focus on a specific intent. Specific stones can be used to help amplify those intentions.  For example, if you are fighting depression or working to overcome addiction, an Amethyst wand would be a very effective tool.  Amethysts are used specifically to heal emotional pain and overcome trauma.  The strong intent, combined with the appropriate stone,  creates a more powerful healing aid.

There are stones that correspond to nearly any ailment or condition you can think of.  Clear quartz or selenite wands are excellent for beginners and advanced users alike. Both are effective for a variety of healing exercises.  Selenite and quartz both absorb negative energies and amplify healing energies.  Selenite is well known for its ability to bring multilateral healing: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.  Whole being wellness is the key to good health and longevity.

Intuitive healing is something anyone can master with a bit of time, patience and practice.  Learning to read the energy of your own body can help you know when something is not right.  Lay down flat on your back and relax, slowly guide your healing wand down the length of your body, feeling for any shift in energy.  As you get to know the natural rhythm of your own auric field, you will be able to pick up on subtle shifts and differences that could indicate something is amiss.  You can then direct healing energies and intent with the point of your wand to those locations.

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Ideas for a New Moon Celebration

new moonThe New Moon phase represents the birth of all the lunar cycles, and has been celebrated in many traditions throughout history.   It symbolizes replenishment and the fresh seeds of a new phase of life.

In the Old Testament and in Hebrew traditions, the new moon is considered a holy time of spiritual renewal at the head of the month.  “Rosh Chodesh” is the Hebrew word for New Moon and it means “beginning, head, renewal” , which makes sense as the lunar calendar is what marked the beginning of a new month. Rosh Chodesh was also considered a prime time for receiving prophetic messages directly from the Divine.

Many Pagan traditions and Wicca also acknowledge the importance of the New Moon with assorted rituals.

Anyone can take this time to focus on creative new ideas or on renewing your commitment to a previous endeavor.  Here are a few great ways to celebrate the next new moon.

Spend a part of the day brainstorming a new idea, something you really want to manifest.  It can be a personal goal, or if you want family members to participate, make it a group effort where everyone discusses ideas around a common, shared goal.

Draw a circle in the center of a piece of paper or poster board (representing the new cycle) and place your idea in the center.  From there, brainstorm different ideas for how to make your dream a reality and write them down on branches extending out from your circle.  This is called a “mind map” and is a very fun activity and effective tool.  After your session is over, you can take the information from it,  prioritize tasks and make more concrete plans.

You can use any positive new goal for this activity.  If you want to improve your health, start a new business or even plan a vacation, it can be modified to suit your tastes.  While doing your mind map, place a piece of Moonstone or Labradorite and a black candle nearby.  Both symbolize the new moon and enhance that renewal energy that you’re trying to capture.

Another great way to celebrate the new moon is by mindfully creating something new. While doing so, take time to honor the flow of cycles in life. Embrace renewal and the new opportunities brought by change.  If you are artistic, or even if you aren’t, sit and create something.

Look up one of those millions of projects you’ve pinned on Pinterest and give it a whirl.  You will be honoring the new moon energy while creating something new and unique.  The new moon is actually the most auspicious time for trying new recipes or teaching yourself a new skill.  Take advantage of it and have fun.  If you’re so inclined, make it a “new moon” party with a gathering of friends and tackle a project together.

However you choose to honor the new moon, whether it’s with a more official ritual, or by simply embracing the energy of it; let this phase inspire and encourage new beginnings and fresh starts in your life.

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Chalices for Wiccan Ceremonies

ChaliceIn Wiccan practices, the chalice represents the Goddess herself. It is a symbol for the womb and the element of water. It is an important magical tool that is a symbol of faith and is a very sacred representation of the Divine Feminine.

In Wicca, the chalice is one of the four primary tools used in rituals. The others include a pentacle, wand and a sword known as an athame. The chalice, also known as a goblet, represents the open womb when held upright. It is a vessel for receiving blessings. Inverted, it represents birth and bringing forth one’s creative power. This sacred vessel serves a variety of purposes and is used for concecrating the circle, spell casting, and scrying. During rituals and celebrations, drinks from the sacred chalice are often shared among coven members to symbolize unity and create stronger bonds.

In many rituals, an athame (sword) is dipped into liquid held in the chalice, representing the union of the God and Goddess into a perfect whole of creation. It is similar in premise to the Yin/Yang symbol that represents both distinction and unity between genders. Both are vital and necessary for completion of the whole.

Choosing a chalice for your practice is something that should be approached with great reverence. It is important to feel a strong connection with the vessel you pick. Chalices run the gamut, from very simple, to incredibly ornate. They can be made from precious metals like silver which are often cost prohibitive. Other options include beautiful and durable stainless steel and even stone. Often they have sacred symbols carved, painted or embossed onto the cup or base. The addition of the symbols (usually a Goddess, triple moon or pentagram) can help enhance your practice.

When seeking out a chalice, allow your intuition to guide you. What draws you to the piece and why? You want your ritual tools to become like an extension of yourself, so choose well. Your chalice should be appealing, but also sturdy and well crafted. You will want to keep it for years to come and may even decide one day to pass it down.

Your chalice should also be manufactured with safety in mind. Ensure the chalice you choose is made from food grade materials if you plan to drink from it. Not all ritual items are created equal and you don’t want to ingest anything potentially harmful.

The right ritual tools will make your altar or sacred space feel truly infused with powerful spiritual energy.

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