It’s True! Evidence That Thoughts Shape Reality

Is there any scientific evidence that shows our thoughts directly influence our physical reality and surroundings? Actually, there is – and this unique research was conducted in the 1990’s by a Japanese author and researcher, Dr. Masaru Emoto.

Dr. Emoto believed, and set out to prove, that human consciousness affects the molecular structure of water.  So, what does this mean?  Consider this: half of the Earth and three-quarters of the human body are made of water.

If human consciousness changes the molecular structure of water; it follows that our thoughts do shape our physical reality.  Dr. Emoto’s research provides photographic evidence of these molecular changes.

Dr. Emoto’s Water Experiments

For his experiments, Dr. Emoto used a combination of a high-powered microscope in a cold room with high-speed photography.  Specific emotions or thoughts were directed towards water and the newly formed ice crystals were photographed in great detail.

The photographs show that positive, healthy emotions like “love” and “gratitude” resulted in the formation of vibrant, geometrically perfect crystals with intricate, snowflake like patterns.  Negative emotions like “anger” or “hate” exposed incomplete, asymmetrical patterns that appeared dull and lifeless.

The quality of the water also had an important effect.  Positive energies directed towards clear, Spring water produced the most desirable results, whereas negative thoughts directed towards polluted waters displayed troubling images.

You can see the results in the images in this video.


Enhance Your Health and Well Being

Try conducting your own experiment by paying closer attention to where your thoughts wander.  Is your inner voice often critical? Do you ever find yourself feeling tired, anxious, ill or even angry and aren’t sure why?  Chances are you are being impacted by both your own thought processes and the energies being emitted around you.

Take a few minutes each day for a week or two to stop and observe your thoughts.  Take note of what you are thinking, where you are and how you feel at the moment. Turn off the TV and step back from social media for awhile. Most people are shocked by how much disconnecting helps improve emotions and mental clarity.

These simple mindfulness exercises can determine how to best improve the energies that surround you and come from you.

We can’t always control the world around us or who and what we come in contact with, however there are many ways to promote positive energies, restore health and shield ourselves from negativity.

One such way combines Dr. Emoto’s water research with the use of gemstones.  Stones have been used for centuries by many cultures for their protective and healing properties.  The combination of specific stones with purified water provides a concentrated source of targeted energy.  Drinking this enhanced water can restore energy and boost your vitality and well-being.

VitaJuwel bottles use gem water to vitalize water using the various attributes of the gems. Stones like amethyst and rose quartz enhance awareness, promote inner calm and open the heart chakra to embrace unconditional love and acceptance.  Gemstones like emeralds and clear quartz help enhance vitality and promote overall improved health.

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Sage Smudge

The use of smudge sticks is based in Native American tradition and can help to cleanse and purify your environment. These smudge sticks are made from natural botanicals and are mostly used for cleansing spaces such as homes.  In addition to their metaphysical cleansing properties, these natural botanicals also have an amazing, calming aroma and are perfect for use in soap-making, crafts, scented sleep pillows and more. Our sweetgrass braids are used in conjunction with smudge sticks in purification rituals, especially to welcome in positive energies after a cleansing ceremony has been performed.Sage

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How to Find Inner Peace

How to find inner peacePeace is an essential element of happiness. Many people say they are searching for happiness, but what they are truly seeking is inner peace, an underlying sense of calm and quiet strength that remains no matter what upheavals might appear in life.  People who can access this place regularly, find they can embrace change and go with the flow of life easier. Not only that, they find themselves more open and receptive to opportunities and willing to take chances.

Joy, like sorrow and anger, all tend to be fleeting and changeable, but peace at the core of our being is immovable like a mountain. Those who engage in regular spiritual practice find they are able to access this still, silent center at will in times of struggle. Immersing themselves in this place allows higher wisdom and intuition to guide choices in their life. Higher vision inspires confidence and encourages strength and endurance. Like athleticism, this is something that requires practice and dedication.

Athletes spend a great deal of time training. They work hard to build and strengthen their bodies to endure and accomplish all sorts of amazing feats. They inspire us with their dedication and drive. Olympians for example, push themselves to achieve things that seem to exceed the limits of what is humanly possible. People are awestruck by what these athletes can accomplish.

Those who engage in regular spiritual practice are sort of like “spiritual athletes”. They build themselves up to be spiritually and emotionally strong, confident and capable. They are also dedicated and disciplined and the reward for their efforts is that connection to their source, that immovable force within them that radiates positive energy.  While those around them may be overcome by challenges, these people seem to be able to rise above any earthly challenge, emerging even stronger than before.

Those who are awakened spiritually are humble, recognizing the need to always practice to grow into more of their potential, the same as any elite athlete. They know there is no finish line, there is always room for improvement. Unlike athletes, those who are truly awakened spiritually go through life highly unnoticed. You can’t easily pick them out of a crowd. The enlightened people are not “flashy” – they don’t brag about themselves, because that comes from ego, not spirit.

You recognize a truly peaceful and happy person by their attitude and approach to life. You can pick it up in their energy. They speak in positives and are highly optimistic. They empathize and help others without becoming overwhelmed by emotions. These are the people who show genuine compassion and mercy to others; who come to the aid of the disenfranchised.  Spiritually awakened people recognize the spiritual principle of being what they want to see in the world, so their actions reflect that.

There are no medals for these people, no celebrations, and often no recognition whatsoever on a grand scale, but those whose lives they touch are forever changed and made better. The truth is with dedication and a willingness to set ego aside, anyone can become a “spiritual athlete” and develop more peace and lasting happiness in their lives. Like anything worth accomplishing, it requires effort and a willingness to change, but the end result is life that is truly rich and rewarding.

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A Pagan and a Christian walk into a bar…

coexistThere is a joke MEME going around online that says, “A Jew, a Muslim, a Christian, a Buddhist, and an Atheist walk into a bar…then they talk, laugh, drink and become great friends. It’s not a joke, it’s what happens when you are not an asshole.”
It made me laugh when I saw it because of its simple truth. It also made me smile because I’m in a relationship with a man of a different faith than myself.
I consider myself a modern day Pagan. Nature is my Sanctuary. Love my religion.
He is (though he hates the stigma that goes with it) a Christian. He follows Jesus’ teachings of faith, hope and love.
I have been asked (and he has too) many times, “How do you make it work with such different points of view on something as significant as belief?”
The answer is a simple one…Mutual respect and love. I respect the man and he respects me.
We have spent countless hours together drinking wine and talking about religion. The pros and cons, the ups and downs, creation vs evolution (and maybe a mix of both), on and on…
Not ONE time have we ever fought about it (and trust me, we are both stubborn fighters). I have learned a great deal from him, and he from me; and with open ears and an open heart each of our views have changed over time.
I look at the news and see what is happening in the world and it makes me cry. Belief and religion should bring the world together, not tear us apart. The world needs a healthy dose of mutual respect, love…and maybe a glass of wine.
Now these three things remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.
1 Corinthians 13:13
“Love is a gift of one’s inner most soul to another, so both can be whole.”
Namaste my friends
Jay & Mylene
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5 Ways to Improve Your Well Being

well BeingDo you ever struggle and feel that perhaps your life is not all it could be? Have you wondered how you might find more peace and fulfillment? There are several techniques that can be used to improve your outlook and put life in proper perspective. Use the following tips to improve your overall sense of well-being.


Accept Accountability for Your Actions

It’s true people may do unkind things and sometimes life is unfair, but blaming others does nothing to improve quality of life. You can’t control what others believe or how they choose to act. The only person you have any control over is you. It can be easy to blame others when things are not going well, but all that does is perpetuate a cycle of anger and resentment.

In order to make a better life for yourself and feel a strong sense of self and personal well-being, you have to accept accountability for what you can control. This means consciously working to control how you behave towards others, but also how you allow the actions of others to affect your outlook and choices in life.

Accountability feels good. It is empowering and liberating. Once you accept accountability for your own life, external influences no longer have as much power over you.


Treat Yourself with Kindness and Respect

Do you tend to put everyone ahead of yourself? Do you find at the end of the day you are exhausted and that you rarely take time for yourself? Do you make excuses for not living a healthy life? We are often taught that others come first and that to care for ourselves is an act of selfishness.  This long-held belief is actually a fallacy that causes harm in many lives.

How can you give what you don’t have? If your needs are not being met, you will be unable to meet the demands of others without feeling burdened and even resentful. The truth is, we are better able to serve others when we ensure our own needs are met.  Give yourself the same importance as those you serve in life. Treating yourself with kindness and respect is key to being able to give back fully to those who rely on you.


Proper Nutrition and Exercise

Treat your body as a temple and you’ll be rewarded not only with good health, but an abundance of energy, enhanced mood and the ability to think faster and more clearly. A proper diet and exercise is one aspect of treating yourself with kindness and respect. Nourishing yourself properly – body, mind and spirit is essential to your overall health and well-being.

Those who do not eat well or exercise suffer from more health problems and tend to lack the energy and enthusiasm of their fit counterparts.


Do Good Deeds

Random acts of kindness are a great way to align yourself with higher vibrational energies and to send those energies out into the universe.  Doing something kind is not only good for the recipient of the good deed, it acts as fuel for the soul of the giver as well.  Becoming what you want to see is key to positive well-being.

It is easy to get disillusioned with humanity.  Five minutes watching the news can bring anyone down. Instead of indulging those negative thoughts, step outside and become the positive change you want to see. As we become more focused on being a blessing to ourselves and those around us, we begin to see more goodness and beauty reflected back to us, which leads into the final point.


Disconnect to Reconnect

If you find yourself watching a lot of television, spending too much time on social media, or otherwise avoiding the real world, shut it off and get connected again in a more meaningful way. Modern technology has ironically given us the ability to connect to anyone, anywhere in the world at a moments notice, but social skills are at an all time low.  It seems the more connected we are virtually, the less connected we are actually.

Power down and connect with a loved on you haven’t seen in awhile. We are social creatures that need genuine, meaningful contact with others.

There are many small things we can do each day to improve our outlook and enhance the joy in our lives. As you add more of them to your regular routine, you’ll find an improved sense of overall well-being.

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